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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Acrylics on paper

Red, yellow and blue random strokes then textured with cling film.Then blocks of colour added with roller and some with a brush.

Design added with added transparent and opaque washes. Transparent white and yellow added.

Newcastle view from Hilton Hotel Gateshead.

Paper sealed with acrylic medium gel.Similar texture and colours with some newsprint for collage then using acrylic to paint on a greaseproof sheet which split the colour into small dots- this was stamped onto the painting. Design added ( composite view) and then positive and negative shapes to define the structure. Also some textured roller work added at the bottom with white added do define the river..

Friday, 28 August 2015

Sketching in Durham in A5_01 sketch book

Sketch from the walkway just off Milburngate Bridge at the Gates Shopping Centre standing up.

At the end of the railings along Framwelgate Waterside are some concrete steps leading down to the river. I sat on the top of this and sketched looking north.Note the giant hogweed in the bottom left corner- huge.  
From the same position I sketched the Penny Ferry footbridge.

Walking along the Frankland Lane I sketched looking back to Durham along the lane with a muck midden in the foreground.

Map from Mapometer

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Rothbury Tuesday Art Group at Coquetdale Arts Centre 25 Aug 2015

Test painting done the previous day


There were 15 members present and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. This is my last workshop at Rothbury I will not be doing anymore.

Final workshop painting - given as a raffle prize to one of the members present.

Changed the paintings in the Main Gallery

Monday, 24 August 2015

Chester-le-Street market stall during fun week

Olive, Beth and Norma showing their paintings on Monday 17 August 10 til 3

Beth sketching old doorway

Old doorway dated 1767 - the remaining building facia has all been renewed.

My sketches

Tuesday -Rain

Wednesday- Sunny moved more into the middle of the market- forgot to take the camera !
Olive, Beth for a short time, George and myself were in attendance- Norma was doing charity work.

Drawing on canvas board with pen, pads and a box of felt tips from the Pound Shop.

Started at 10 until 2 in the afternoon. Olive and Beth paintings were on one stall while mine were on the stall behind.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Craster Harbour acrylic and watercolour.

Painting of Durham overpainted with cream acrylic paint and and sketch in pencil then charcoal and sprayed with sealant.

The blue is the coloured Sharpie showing through. Blocked in using acrylic Americano bottle paints and flat nylon brushes. Main colour was flesh tint.
Finished painting.

Similar view in watercolour on hot press paper worked on at Chester-le-Street Art Society on Wednesday morning.