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Monday, 5 September 2016

Tissue dress patterns as substrate

Random lines using dress making pattern glued on to canvas board  then watercolour added.

Drawing added then white acrylic 
Whitby East Bank

Robin Hoods Bay

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Tony Montague workshop with Chester-le-st Friendly Art Group

 Tonys workshop involved painting tissue then cutting out shapes and sticking them on to watercolour paper. He also was developing the style of the American artist Gerald Brommer. These are examples of Geralds work.

Tony shares a joke with Maureen


My paintings using tissue paper on watercolour paper :-
 Lindisfarne Castle
Tissue added with PVA glue to rocks below the castle then sky painted. After drying the castle added and continuing into the rock. Some lines  where lifted on the rocks as the paint is sitting on the glue and will easily move.

 Tissue added in ramdon lines from a focal point and White Knight watercolours added and cling film for texture.

 Nchanga 'C' Shaft
   This was developed later at home with the shaft drawn freehand with grey markers sitting on a lounge chair looking at the image on the laptop and trying to keep the drawing loose. This is one of the two hoisting shafts at Nchanga Mine in Chingola Zambia where we spent almost 20 years at the start of our marriage.