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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Tuesday night 29 April 2014

 Line drawing over under wash and some colour added with coloured Sharpies.

Tube acrylics added to background trees, swing bridge tower and the sky.
Looks all right from a distance but awful close in.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Chester le Street Arts Society Spring Exhibition 2014

Click on the image for a larger view

                      B. Ringland                      V. Daglish                      M. Coils
                      Sunflowers                      Sandend                       Esh Village
                      Watercolour                      Mixed                            Watercolour

                      V, Daglish                          O. Norwood                     B. Wyer
                      Caribbean                         Lace Cap Hydrangea     Toadstools
                      Mixed                                  Watercolour                    Silk

                      O.Norwood                 A-M. Brierley                     O, Norwood
                      Warwick Castle         Contented Chaffinch         Sandend
                      Watercolour                 Oil                                      Watercolour

                       J. Wind                       G. Levitt                             B. Wyer
                       Sunspots                    Street of York                  Sandend
                      Watercolour                Watercolour                        Watercolour

                                                          O. Norwood                    B. Wyer
                                                          Low Force                       Sunlit Snow
                                                          Watercolour                      Pastel

                                                           O. Norwood                       B, Wyer
                                                           Northumberland Stream   Winter
                                                            Acrylic                                  Watercolour

                     A-M. Brierley                  V. Daglish                       B. Ringland
                    A walk on the beach       Butterflies                     Spring Flowers
                    Oil                                    Silk                                 Watercolour

                     A. Harper                         A. Harper                       M. Coils
                     Huntcliff near Saltburn       Watendlath               Beadnell Bay
                     Oil                                         Oil                             Acrylic

                    B. Ringland                          B. Ringland                    A. Harper
                    Harbour                             My idea of Craster      Ravenglass
                    Watercolour                         Watercolour                  Oil

                    M. Coils                               A. Harper                      A. Harper
                    Portloe                                Ravenglass                  Ravenglass
                    Acrylic                                 Oil                                  Oil

Olive, our secretary, checking the pens for the people using voting slips and Beth, our treasurer, showing off her new cardigan from Primark- lovely.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Wednesday night Chester le Street Art Club

12 members presents- things are getting better.

More work on Staithes Church Street

Started new painting of  the Swing Bridge at Newcastle using the remaining acrylics colours in the pallette and blocking in the structure.

Spring exhibition starts this Saturday at the library at Chester le Street- these are my entries 
 Portloe Cornwall - collage and acrylic
Esh Village - watercolour
Beadnell Bay - acrylic inks
Framed and ready by Thursday night which is unusual for me as I'm usually put things together on Saturday morning.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Wednesday Art Club at Chester le Street

Nine members present - things are looking up!

Started acrylic ink painting of Church Street Staithes from a view taken from the Nab on Cowbar nature reserve on a 20 x 16 canvas board from Jacksons Art Supplies which worked out at £2.60 each when bought in packs of ten.

Started with simple pencil drawing  then fine black Pentel Green Label pen to define the shapes.
Acrylic ink applied using a piece of mount card. Colours - yellow, burnt sienna and blue.
I had left my bottle of black acrylic ink slightly open in my briefcase from Sunday so everything
was stained black but most had been absorbed by the towel I keep in there.On returning home I found I had left black spots on the hall carpet and the driveway-Oops.

May leave it like this or added more colour to the buildings.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sunday Art Group 13 April 2014

20 x 16 inch canvas board using black pen and acrylic inks.

Covered with random pieces of tissue paper glued with acrylic medium with cooler colours in the distance and warmer colours in the foreground.

Loosely painted with tube acrylics and redefined with black pen.

Wednesday Art Group 10 April 2014

Started drawing of St Ives Cornwall on 20 x 16 inch canvas board of an old painting covered with gesso. Black pen and  black and burnt sienna inks added using a piece of mount card.

More work latter on.
Looks fine from a distance but close in, it looks awful. Needs more work on the whole painting and some people and gulls to be added.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sketches from Beadnell Bay

Upstairs apartment overlooking the sea out of the back and front although recent development had restricted the view to the harbour.

Walk from Newton by the Sea south along the beach, up to Kelso Hill back to Newton village across to Newton Point.

Rocks at Newton Point.

Rock at the back of Beadnell Harbour.

Sketch of Beach Court guest house near the old lime kilns and harbour at Beadnell Bay which I painted later in the week in acrylic inks.

Dunstanburgh Castle from Newton Point- good lead into the picture.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wednesday Art Club

Started painting of Pembrokeshire Farm in acrylic inks on 20 x 16 ins canvas.

From the original sketch I decided to removed the near farmhouse and lower the view point and abstracted the foreground.

More work with tube acrylics- worked on the sky and background hills, added white to distance farm houses, extended the barn and reworked the foreground.

Previous watercolour painting and sketch.

Reference photo of the farms below Carn Llidi in Pembrokeshire near to St. Davids