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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Remaining time at Craster

Walk to Howick Village and return via Hips Heugh

 Pushed the gate forward and realigned the Bathing House and Coquet Island.

Moved Hips Heugh which is behind the cottage.

Craster harbour looking south from the last seat on the harbour wall
Artist Gillian Lee Smith was sketching on the first bench by the harbour when we started our walk.
Reduced the spacing in the front chain barrier to half its original size- if did not look right at the correct spacing. New extension on left cottage and the smoke from the Robsons smoke house visible. 

 Collage with acrylics paints and inks- 20*16 canvas board

Pen and acrylic on 20*16  canvas board

Collage with tissue paper, pen and acrylic paints and inks in foreground. 20*16 inch canvas board. Abstracted view by lifting the Castle and Chapel Street above Dunstanburgh Road which was drawn from behind Robsons Smoke House. The foreground detail was removed and texture added with flowing inks of sepia and purple.

Acrylic and pen on smaller board

Visit to Lindisfarne and Berwick