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Monday, 23 November 2015

Sunday, 22 November 2015


Circles of coloured tissue paper stuck on randomly and fishing boat at Crail Harbour added in acrylics. 10 x 12 inches on canvas board.

Cumbrian Farm 
Canvas board painted black then coloured tissue added from cool in the background to warm in the foreground. Text paper added for the building and some acrylic paint.
I had problems photographing the picture- the blues are not the right colour and the warm colours are much more subtle than shown. 20 x 16 inches.

Chester-le-St Nov 2015 Art Exhibition

Anne Marie Brierly- York , Freda Richardson- Meandering River and Incoming Tide, Beth Wyer-Staithes x 2, Peter Robbins- Whitby and Durham.

George Levitt - Hilltop Farm and Bathing House, Peter Robbins - Venice and Lindisfarne, Malcolm Coils - Port Isaac, St Monans, Cellardyke and Low Doctor Pasture Farm.

Beth Wyer - Crook Gill and Norfolk Snow, Olive Norwood - Dolphins x 2.

Beryl Ringland -Lilies and BluePoppies,  J. Graham - pencil drawing of  Rolling Stones.

Olive Norwood - Willie Lott's Cottage and Worcester Cottage, Beryl Ringland - Pansies and Flowers and Fruits and Gillian Burrell - Wheels within wheels and French Scene.

Gillian Burrell - Two more French Scenes.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Pencil Sketches A5 book No. 3

Composite drawing showing the NE coast from Hawthorn Dene to Sunderland

Cape Cornwall

Yorkshire River

River at Chester-le-Street drawn from park bench over lunch after the morning art group.

Lots of swan about after quite a few died over the summer due to lead poisoning.