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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Collage workshop at Corbridge Tuesday 13 June 2017

Workshop at the Corbridge Parish Hall, St Helen’s Street organised by Katy who I had met previously at Rothbury Coquetdale Art Gallery. Ten members attended the workshop which lasted from 10 until  3 with Judith having to leave early so I have no photo of her work.
The work consisted of drawing the image of Staithes and covering the work with a watercolour wash to kill the white of the paper. Collage of tissue paper, dress making patterns and newsprint were added to the painting then the drawing enhanced with black pen work. Subsequent washes of watercolour were added to definite the buildings. Finally, white acrylic was used to bring out the highlights. 
We had two images to work from, one showing the buildings across the footbridge from Cowbar in perspective and the other showing a stylised profile with no perspective of the same view.

My paintings
 This painting was completed at the workshop and left with the group.

This one was started at the workshop and completed at home.

 Members Work









Thursday, 8 June 2017

Watercolour Workshop with Joe Hush at Lanchester Monday Art Group

Ten nil three with a break for lunch.

Joe's initial sketch and finished painting done in stages with the sky, trees, foreground, background and finally sheep.
 Charcoal sketch

Finished painting of Northumberland countryside.

My painting using by my sketch and his tree colours.

Oak Howe Farm in Great Langdale

Also finished a painting of the Langdale Pikes from Wise Een Tarn.