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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Wednesday Art Club at Chester le Street

Nine members present - things are looking up!

Started acrylic ink painting of Church Street Staithes from a view taken from the Nab on Cowbar nature reserve on a 20 x 16 canvas board from Jacksons Art Supplies which worked out at £2.60 each when bought in packs of ten.

Started with simple pencil drawing  then fine black Pentel Green Label pen to define the shapes.
Acrylic ink applied using a piece of mount card. Colours - yellow, burnt sienna and blue.
I had left my bottle of black acrylic ink slightly open in my briefcase from Sunday so everything
was stained black but most had been absorbed by the towel I keep in there.On returning home I found I had left black spots on the hall carpet and the driveway-Oops.

May leave it like this or added more colour to the buildings.

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