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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Chester le Street Arts Society January workshop- Fun with acrylics

Workshop over two weeks with six members to paint a textural ground in acrylics using textured rollers, mini sponge rollers, random blocks of coloured tissue paper and some stamping from a design etched into the polystyrene base of the wapping on a  pizza. Colours lemon yellow, cerulean blue and crimson.
Materials used.

A strip of blue was added for the lake and a block of text for the building.

The mountain were indicated by painting in the sky and leaving the initial wash for the mountains ( most people missed this and painted the mountains). The cottage was drawn on and the trees added to outline the cottage and break the horizon- ultramarine blue and crimson . 
The cottage was painting white with pure titanium white with the base faded into the ground white transparent white and matt medium and the stonework and the roof added.

The wall and the foreground were done with both opaque and transparent wash to subdue some of the texture and lose some with paint. Note some positive and negative painting on the gate and the wall.

Due to illness and bad weather only two people completed the work

 Beth's painting.- nice foreground letting initial wash showing through and negative painting on the gate.

Olive's painting- overpainted the foreground and lost all the first texture.

My second painting

Original watercolour painting using salt in the foreground to indicate foliage.

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RH Carpenter said...

Gorgeous work! Looks like so much fun - and so much to learn - in this workshop. Sorry more couldn't finish but I'm sure they got a good start. I really like the ethereal look of the pure watercolor painting, too.