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Friday, 20 February 2015

Re worked watercolours

Original watercolour of the Lower Ogwen Valley in North Wales

Blue wash added to background, stronger tone added to the foreground
and the left hand tree softened with wet cotton wool just pressed on the the paper to weaken the tone.

Original watercolour of  Tal y Lyn Ogwen Farm at the head of the lake from from a sketch done on our holiday in LLanberis.

Extra tone added to background mountains and the pine trees . Re-worked the trees around the farm and added an overall wash to the stone walls and the foreground grass.

Acrylic on 12 x 10 board with textured gesso using bubble wrap and credit card.
Overall wash of cadmium yellow and red then phthalo blue and green added to base.
Sky add - building blocked out at the top  and sided with titanium white with the bottom being faded out. Trees added with ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. Chimneys added in white and sky colour used for the roof.
Some black pen work added to house and the suggestion of a gate

Started watercolour of Church Street in Whitby with an overall wash from the sky to the bottom using a light wash of blue for whites in shadow and the sun sit sides with water to stop differential drying which will buckle the paper even at 200 lb weight- I don't like using masking fluid.

The buildings were added using a variegated wash with a rigger. 

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