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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Trying different approaches

First painting with stronger tones at the top and softer tones at the base.

Bubble wrap used to texture the base then some light washes. Orrest Head in Cumbria base on photo on the net.

Overlapping washes and lifting out for the smoke.

Autumn morning Staithes-base on a sketch and painting I did over 15 years ago as viewed from Cowbar Nab looking up Staithes Beck.

This started with trying acrylic ink into watercolour and using granulation medium to break up the ink and allowing the paint to run down the page by gravity to form the trunks. I added some distress ink stamp using polystyrene block to give the small circles- this was wetted in places. With acrylic paint I was trying to get the paint to run off the end of a brush as I had seen in a video from Oz but the paint was not thin enough so I drew a dark outline  with a small flat brush-first with a house shape and then some random construction lines. This was wetted after half drying to give a grey outline. The acrylic colour was Deep Midnight Blue. I quite liked this effect.

Staithes Morning 15 x 11 ins on practise watercolour paper. 
I tried this method on an old acrylic ground, made using foam and textured rollers, I had lying around- seems to work ok.
Some ink was added to sharpen the edges.

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