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Monday, 20 July 2015

Saunders Waterford 200 lb paper

Trying new paper from the CAS art club.
Kepier Hospital Gateway

Saunders Waterford 200 lb rough paper not the high white. Found it easy to lose the edge of a wash without the paint flowing across the whole wash as with Bockingford - I was forever having to clean up edge when the paint dried. I was able to paint the fence and wire in negatively and not use masking fluid.

Low Doctor Pasture Farm from Holywood lane.

Second painting on rough paper. The light on the wall and lane came out well.

Low Doctor Pasture Farm across Waskerley Beck.

Not paper this time. I got my drawing slightly wrong and was able to lift the base of the building to the left.

 New pencil case for 25p from Wilco but was more interested in the plastic sponge packaging inside. Tried the packaging as texture weighed down on a wet wash which gave mottled effect of dark dots on light background the opposite of salt. Maybe use for a beach effect.
Went back the next day to buy some more but they were all gone - end of the range.
Have to keep my eye out for similar packaging.

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