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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Three days three art clubs

Joined Lanchester Monday Art Group 10 til 12
Started Durham from Frankland Lane on 200lb Saunders Waterford rough paper. Cobalt blue and naples yellow (Daler Rowney) for the sky with raw sienna and some brown madder for the foreground. Viridian green and raw sienna for the greens. Brown madder and ultramarine for the darks. Counter change on the electric poles painted negatively through the trees- no masking fluid used.
Finished on Tuesday at the Chester-le-St Arts Society - darken foreground and grasses and added detail to cathedral.

Needs something in the bottom corner and re-shape the middle distance which is too regular.

Fell Foot Farm in Little Langdale with Castle Howe and Blake Rigg behind. For as sketch drawn on our holiday walk from Greenbank cottage belonging to the Three Shires Inn. 

Wednesday Art group finished off two watercolour paintings
Lizard Point at Whitburn on Bockingford not paper

Chester-le-Street Market Place on Saunders Waterford rough paper.

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