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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Chester-le-St Nov 2015 Art Exhibition

Anne Marie Brierly- York , Freda Richardson- Meandering River and Incoming Tide, Beth Wyer-Staithes x 2, Peter Robbins- Whitby and Durham.

George Levitt - Hilltop Farm and Bathing House, Peter Robbins - Venice and Lindisfarne, Malcolm Coils - Port Isaac, St Monans, Cellardyke and Low Doctor Pasture Farm.

Beth Wyer - Crook Gill and Norfolk Snow, Olive Norwood - Dolphins x 2.

Beryl Ringland -Lilies and BluePoppies,  J. Graham - pencil drawing of  Rolling Stones.

Olive Norwood - Willie Lott's Cottage and Worcester Cottage, Beryl Ringland - Pansies and Flowers and Fruits and Gillian Burrell - Wheels within wheels and French Scene.

Gillian Burrell - Two more French Scenes.

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