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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Wednesday Night Chester-le-Street Arts Society 14 May 2014

Workshop with northern artist Susan Walton who encouraged the class to paint outside their comfort zone in acrylic paints.

Follow her web site on the link below:

I had all ready decided to paint an abstract based on a geological fault ( earthquake ) I had photographed in the opencast coal site.
I wanted to work mainly with turquoise against a hot orange with a certain amount of black.
I started with an overall wash of yellow, orange and pink over the entire canvas and and added plastic food wrap to texture the paint. This was removed when dry.
Using a foam roller with several rubber bands tied around I added more texture marks in blue and purple.
I then poured turquoise and orange straight from paint pot on to the canvas and flatten this with plastic food wrap.
Black was added to define the shapes.

' Faults '- Americano Acrylic paints and black ink on 20 x 16 inch canvas.

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